What is LionHeart Education?

They say it takes a village to raise a child and Lionheart Education is exactly that. A community established to help families reconceptualise the learning journey for their children and help them flourish in their individual gifts, abilities and passions.

Our focus is on the development of enthusiastic, life-long learners who are confident and resilient.

Our collaborative learning classes, tutoring lessons and our school readiness program are developed by our highly qualified Director and can be experienced both online and in person. Our in person classes allow children to learn essential concepts in a collaborative environment. Our teachers also assist and encourage parents to find ways to apply these concepts to their child’s individual interest areas, enabling learning to be fun and engaging for them.

Our parent mentoring program equips, resources and empowers parents to educate their children with confidence.

Our community provides opportunities to learn collaboratively, play/grow together and celebrate the wonderful journey that lifelong learning is! We do this through regular play catch ups, collaborative learning sessions, community excursions and award/celebration nights to recognise milestones. In this way, the children experience the best of what homeschool and collaborative group learning have to offer. We want to see each child flourishing in their individual strengths and interests and celebrate them together as a community. Our goal is to take each child on a journey to find their ROAR!

We invite you to become a part of a community that will nurture and support your children and your family. We are better together!


  • Tutoring (Individual and small group)
  • Parent Education and Mentoring Program 
  • School Readiness Preschool Group

Now taking enrolments for 2022!

Our Homeschooling course for parents launches on January 10! 

The course will cover….

  • What is homeschooling and the different types of homeschooling
  • Play/Project based learning and discovering your child’s learning style
  • Understanding the Australian Curriculum
  • Exploring Homeschool Curriculums
  • How to register for homeschooling

Please email us at info@lionhearteducation.com.au to express your interest!